Healtbit® partners with Pancreatic Cancer Action

In the UK, almost 10,000 people are newly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year.  Worldwide there are around 338,000 new cases each year, in Europe that figure is more than 104,000.  Pancreatic cancer affects men and women equally with incidence increasing from the age of 45. (Source: Pancreatic Cancer Action).

Healthbit® is proud to be working with Pancreatic Cancer Action, the leading pancreatic cancer charity in the UK, fighting to improve the early diagnosis of the condition so that people can achieve the best outcome possible for them.

Healthbit® is using its proprietary health management technology to create a mobile application to support people managing their diagnosed condition along with other conditions that they may also want to manage better.

Users of the app can access information resources from the leading charity as well as manage a personal health record and track symptoms, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. They can use trackers available in the app or connect third-party apps and devices to their Healthbit® account if they wish – all the data is then instantly shareable with their doctor or people close to them.

The app also allows users to view aggregated de-identified data so that they can see what treatments other people with the condition are using and how effective these are, as well as getting a sense of the health experiences of others. It is hoped this will allow users to be able to have a more informed dialogue with their healthcare teams and ensure they are being offered the best possible treatments.

Aspirations for the project include clinicians helping newly diagnosed patients by prescribing the Pancreatic Cancer Action App to them at the very beginning of their journey to overcome the disease. Healthbit® hopes to be able to use consent-based data shared via the apps to help others attain a faster diagnosis in the future, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

The project with Pancreatic Cancer Action is one of many existing and planned projects where Healthbit® is working alongside knowledge experts to help people take more control over their own health.

The mobile application is available on both iOS and Android.


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