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A unified platform for empowering patients, building patient registries, and conducting decentralised or hybrid studies.

For patient charities, researchers and healthcare professionals.

Smarter. Faster. More Inclusive

Why Healthbit?

We are unique, unified, patient-focused platform for evidence generation.

Enrol patients onto the patient-friendly app; deliver rich content and insights and collect high-quality real-world data. Perfect for long-term studies, patient registries, or remote monitoring requirements.

Patient Charities

  • Support patients with self-management and education tools
  • Improve time to diagnosis
  • Accelerate research for the development of new treatments & care pathways
  • Increase patient engagement and gain fresh insights
  • Amplify fundraising opportunities

Researchers & Healthcare

  • Rapid customisation and deployment of evidence collection tools
  • Real-time patient-engagement and data visualisation
  • Informed consent management
  • Remote visits (tele-visits)
  • Enhanced data integration and portability options

Pharma & CROs

  • Accelerated trial recruitment and deployment
  • Higher patient engagement and reduced drop-out
  • Post marketing surveillance, including; treatment efficacy and adverse events.
  • 21CFR Part 11 compliant and CDISC data standardisation

We Work with You

Spotlighted partner projects



Therapeutic Area

Study Type
Evaluating digital support tool.
Pan European, multi-site, multi-language, randomised controlled trial.


Improved QoL for patients and reduction in carer burden.


Scleroderma & Raynaud’s UK

Therapeutic Area

Study Type
Observation Study


All recruitment and engagement metrics surpassed.

Pancreatic Cancer Action

Therapeutic Area

Study Type
Patient support app providing self-management tool, including; shareable health record, symptom severity, condition insights and more.

Registered Users

Leicester Clinical Trials Unit

Therapeutic Area

Study Type
A multi-centre randomised trial of surgical versus percutaneous revascularisation of ischaemic left ventricular dysfunction.


In progress

Yes to Life

Therapeutic Area

Study Type
Patient support app providing self-management tool, including; shareable health record, symptom severity, condition insights and more.

Leicester Clinical Trials Unit

Therapeutic Area

Study Type
Temperature management study. Multi-site, randomised controlled trial.


In progress

Design, Engage & Analyse


Design your surveys and patient-friendly app using ‘drag and drop’ tools. Access an extensive library of validated instruments, health and lifestyle surveys, or design your own.

Start testing your app in minutes and not months.


Engage app users throughout a study or when developing your patient registry.

Smart notifications, data insights, useful features, and seamless communication channels to keep participants informed, motivated, and committed.


Unleash the potential of your study or registry data with our advanced analytics and visualization tools.

Gain disease or treatment insights, identify trends and monitor patient engagement levels with interactive dashboards and comprehensive reports.

Experience the Power of our Features Today

Smarter. Faster. More Inclusive.

  • Get up and running quickly. Intuitive workflows and easy to use tools simplify the process whether you’re configuring the patient app, enrolling patients or scheduling survey reminders.

  • Customise your patient app; branding, design layouts, activate pre-built features, display disease education and more

  • Choose from 100s of existing surveys, PROMs, eCOA, AE’s, QoL, health & lifestyle or build your own custom surveys in minutes

  • Automatic reminders to aid survey completion, appointment attendance or direct people to relevant information.

  • Global, multi-centre trial management tools with structured data collection and automatic encoding.

  • Streamlined mobile data collection environments for patients, investigators and healthcare professionals. Ensure consistency and compliance at every touch-point.

  • Schedule and conduct remote visits (tele-visits) with patients and capture additional data.

  • Promote diversity and inclusion in your studies or patient registry development by leveraging our remote technology for patients.

  • Immediate reporting on patient activation, engagement, data collection – aggregate, centre or patient level.

  • Custom dashboards that offer insights into the health of a study, patients managing a condition or a treatment being investigated.

Customisable Research App

You’re in control of everything from branding, consent screens, layouts and surveys.

Discover our Products

A Unified Platform with Configurable Modules


Fast-Track Clinical Trials & Studies

Design your surveys, enrol participants and monitor progress in one place.

Patient & Research Charities 

Patient App & Patient Registry

Data is empowering. Discover our innovative approach to empowering patients and creating your registry.

Health Professionals

Remote Monitoring

Empower patients with self-management tools. Capture health indicators, lifestyle choices, activity levels and more.

Built-in Privacy and Security

The Healthbit platform delivers built-in privacy and security protocols tailor-made to healthcare industry expectations, including encryption, certificate and key management, backups, monitoring and logging.

Healthbit makes it faster, easier and more affordable to build and launch digital healthcare solutions that automatically meet the requirements of today’s health enterprises.

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