Remote Patient Monitoring

Monitor the progress of your patients and promote better self-management.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Patient symptom reporting & diagnostic tools to improve outcomes at a lower cost.

Everything in One Place

100s of condition and lifestyle tracking tools enable holistic health management.

Patients are prompted, using automatic reminders, to record information using the patient-friendly app or by connecting devices to the app. Healthcare professionals can then gather deeper insights into a condition and its management. With this information being available to both patients and HCPs, more informed consultations can be had and the time to diagnosis can also be reduced.

Smart alerts can be set up by healthcare professionals to assist teams prioritise patient consultations.

Enable Remote Consultations

Through our platform, healthcare providers and patients can engage in real-time communication during remote consultations.

Whether it’s follow-up appointments, routine check-ins, or initial assessments, remote consultations provide the flexibility and convenience that modern healthcare demands.

Remote consultations promote continuity of care, allowing healthcare providers to maintain ongoing relationships with their patients. This continuity contributes to improved health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Patient Priority Dashboard

The Patient Priority Dashboard’s RAG system is a valuable tool that assists healthcare providers in monitoring patients, reducing diagnostic delay, optimizing resource allocation, enhancing patient safety, and promoting early intervention.

By categorizing patients based on the RAG system, healthcare providers can efficiently triage and allocate resources. Healthcare teams can prioritize patient care, streamline workflows, and ultimately improve patient outcomes, even outside of traditional in-person appointments.

Better Patient Care

Continuous monitoring technology paired with cloud-based data analysis.

Real-time Data Visualisation

Allow your clinical staff members to assess patients’ conditions remotely, with less time spent walking between beds in a large ward, or covering several different wards on their rounds.

Data can be exported or accessed via the API in real-time.

Customize the App

Options available:

  • Trackers

  • Connected Devices

  • Tracker Update Reminders

  • Patient Health Record

  • Medication Adherance Engine

  • Branding

  • Menus

  • Custom Links

  • Manage eConsents

  • Profile Questions

  • Forums Support Tools

  • Automatic Study Invites

  • Role-Based Access

  • Data Location for Cloud Storage (UK, US, EU)