Expand Trial Access to Everybody

Our cutting-edge platform combines technology, expertise, and a participant-centric approach to deliver innovative solutions that address the challenges faced by researchers and participants.

“At Healthbit, we are on a mission to transform the landscape of clinical trials.”

Learn more about our vision, values, and commitment to revolutionizing medical research.

Our Mission

We are driven by a singular mission:

“To empower researchers, promote diversity, and drive meaningful advancements in medical science. Our platform enables efficient trial management, enhances participant engagement, and fosters collaborations with patient support groups and medical research charities.”

Together, we strive to accelerate medical research and improve patient lives worldwide.

Inclusion & Diversity

By actively promoting diversity in clinical trials and partnering with patient support groups, our platform ensures a more inclusive participant pool. This broader representation allows for better generalizability of study results and helps address healthcare disparities by including underrepresented populations in research.

Partnerships & Collaboration

Collaboration is at the core of our approach. Discover the impactful partnerships we have forged with CRO’s, patient advocacy groups, medical research charities, and technology providers. These collaborations enable us to build patient registries, promote clinical trial recruitment, and harness the power of data to drive transformative research outcomes.


Healthbit offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet the unique needs of clinical trials. Each solution is designed to streamline operations, enhance participant experiences, and generate actionable insights.

Discover how our platform can transform your trials with features such as decentralized trials, e-consents, randomization & blind trials, participant recruitment & inclusion, surveys & validated instruments, customizable mobile app experiences, participant enrollment, participant engagement, participant remote monitoring & alerts, televisits & eCOA, and clinical data insights & data visualization.

Whether you’re conducting decentralized trials, seeking to improve participant engagement, or requiring robust data analysis capabilities, our platform has the solutions you need to drive successful research outcomes.

Maintaining Compatibility with Global Healthcare Standards

As a result, we leverage SNOMED clinical terminology to help you capture important medical information and other extensive treatment diaries so that doctors have a more complete view of drugs, herbal medicines and supplements that are being used.