Busy Mum with a Young Family

Busy Mum with a Young Family

Alison, 36, is married to Tim and is mother to Oliver (4) and baby Charlotte (3 months).


  • Improve Charlotte’s feeding regimen by understanding links between mum’s diet and baby feeds
  • Control Oliver’s asthma and understand what the triggers are
  • Keep a record of symptoms, medicines and appointments for the whole family
  • Involve the school with helping Oliver avoid triggers
  • Learn more about asthma
  • Learn more about allergies in babies.

Alison’s Story
Diagnosing Son’s Asthma

Tim is in sales and spends a lot of time on the road leaving Alison to manage the kids, so she always has her hands full trying to manage daily chores.
Baby Charlotte has become fussy at feed times. Another mum has mentioned that this may be due to baby being sensitive to something in mum’s diet and Alison is keen to investigate this.
Son Oliver has had breathing problems from time to time which has been a real worry for everyone. A few weeks ago, Oliver was diagnosed with asthma. His GP has prescribed medication for him but has also asked Alison to try to keep a record of how often and how intense the asthma episodes are as well as what factors are potentially triggering each episode.
This is the first time a child has been diagnosed with a chronic condition and Alison and Tim are keen to learn more about asthma and hope to ask the doctor more questions. Alison has communicated with their son’s school regarding the diagnosis.
Alison and Tim are worried that their son may have an attack at school or when they go on vacation and want to avoid any triggers.

Seven ways Alison uses Healthbit to look after her family

Recording important immunisation, appointment and medicine information for children, Oliver, baby Charlotte; husband Tim and herself.
Helping Oliver maintain an asthma diary of how severe his symptoms appear on a regular basis. Monitoring the development of her children using the weight, height, feeding trackers. Tracking nutrition to understand any links with declined baby feeds.
Trackers Used:
Asthma, Symptom Severity, Nutrition, Baby Feeding, Child Weight, Child Height
Stay informed regarding treatments that are working well for others with asthma.
Sharing Oliver’s asthma episodes and wheezing severity with Dr Frances.
Examine links between nutrition and baby feeds. Monitor the symptom severity of Oliver’s asthma.
School can update the asthma tracker for Oliver, keeping mum and dad informed about any exacerbation’s or triggers.
Connecting with other mums to share tips and health issues relating to the children and to learn from their experiences.

Helping families keep a record of all their medical information ‘personal health record’ in one place so it’s easily accessible when needed.

Parents can store their children’s details – information about appointments, medicines, allergies and conditions, as well as important medical letters.
If a family member gets ill, it can be helpful to keep a diary of symptoms to help explain to your doctor what’s been going on. If you need to share medical information directly with your doctor or a family member you can do that securely with a few clicks. Peace of mind for the whole family.

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