Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Sarah 20, a law student.


  • Record menstrual cycle
  • Track mood and symptom severity
  • Understand correlations between her lifestyle and the severity of her symptoms
  • Learn from others with similar period symptoms to her.

Sarah’s Story
Understanding Her Cycle

For the last year she has started to experience particularly painful cramps and mood swings during some of her periods.
Sometimes the pain has been so unbearable that she has had to miss lectures. Sarah’s doctor hasn’t been able to find a cause for her symptoms and has prescribed pain relief medications in the past.
Sarah wants to learn more about her menstrual cycle and perhaps uncover some of the factors that make her period and mood swings far worse.
She also wants to be aware of when her periods are due to help her with her planning.

Six ways Sarah uses Healthbit to achieve her goals

Recording symptoms and medications that Sarah is using.
Sarah uses the period tracker along with other useful trackers so that she can learn what factors may increase the severity of her symptoms.
Trackers Used:
Period,  Mood, Body Measurements, Sleep, Nutrition, Spin Classes, Symptom Tracker
Activity, heart rate and body composition tracking
  • Fitbit (sleep, steps and other activity)
(N.B. Over 400 devices and apps are compatible with Healthbit).
Discovering what factors potentially increase the severity of symptoms experienced by Sarah during her periods, such as sleep duration or nutrition.
Sarah plans to share her health record with her GP after a few months so that she can help her GP gather a better picture of what’s going on and potentially offer some additional advice or suggest further tests.
Active in the women’s health and Premenstrual syndrome forums.

Tracking your menstrual cycle offers important insights into your health for you and your doctor

Cycles that are irregular, heavy cycles, changes in consistency or colour, all speak about your health.
Some people will experience mood swings, anxiety or depression in the days running up to and during their period along with other symptoms, such as cramp, fatigue and food cravings for example.
If you are recording this information, along with other lifestyle and medical information, you can become more aware of your own body and feel more in control. You can also help your doctor to be more informed when you are seeking advice.

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