Covid-19 health trackers – easily track symptoms and share anonymised data to drive research and inform the response against Covid-19. We need your help!
App Release Bought Forward
To help combat the Covid-19 pandemic, the team at Healthbit have brought forward the release of the Healthbit app, which will be available free of charge.
The app includes Covid-19 trackers, to help people monitor their health and capture their experience (lifestyle, physical and mental health impact) if infected by the virus – whether asymptomatic or dealing with mild to severe symptoms.
We’re hoping people will find the app useful to keep on top of all their health information, for themselves, family members and the people they care for, allowing important information to be shared with doctors in a crisis.
Important research data
Our Covid-19 trackers are informed by WHO guidelines where they exist. We hope the combination of Covid-specific trackers alongside existing health tracking tools will provide important information concerning the impact of medicines, comorbidities, lifestyle and behaviours on disease symptoms and disease progression.
By capturing and sharing a real-time portrayal of the impact, we hope to correlate trends and gain insights to better prepare citizens, inform government responses and allow researchers to gain a better understanding of Covid-19 on a regional and global basis.
Data points captured by the Healthbit platform will include but are not limited to;
(All data collected is SNOMED CT encoded)
  • Symptoms and their severities
  • Existing medical conditions (comorbidities)
  • Medicines being used to treat symptoms
  • Medicine effectiveness
  • Mental health (anxiety, depression, mood)
  • Activity and exercise
  • Carer burden
  • Impact on Quality of Life
  • Coronavirus Impact – Measure the impact of coronavirus pandemic on our social, economic and lifestyle situations to better plan and mitigate against gaps in care and services for future epidemics/pandemics.
  • Geo-demographic profiling

Free Access to Anonymised Data for Governments & Research Organisations
Your data will be protected. Only anonymised data generated from the Covid-19 trackers will be made freely available to governments, public health systems and approved research organisations via our analytics platform Healthbit IQ, or via our API so it can easily be integrated into third-party systems.
People that download the app will also be reachable on-demand. Healthbit IQ enables messages to be sent as PUSH notifications to all or carefully selected individuals based on matching profiles. This offers a powerful tool to send research surveys or public health notices.
Get In Touch
Organisations (worldwide) that wish to leverage the Healthbit platform to support their population health needs can contact us here.
We Need Your Help!
You can help in a number of ways:
1. Promote the download and usage of the Healthbit App to combat Covid-19.
2. We are a self-funded start-up, so please support and help us fund the response by donating:
3. Funding support from government, innovation, medical research and philanthropic organisations.
4. Microsoft technical support on the Azure platform to ensure uninterrupted collection of data.
5. Facilitate and promote adoption by Governments, NGO’s, policy makers, public health services and government affiliated medical research facilities.
6. Share your thoughts to further enhance our capabilities to combat Covid-19 here.
   The full features of the Healthbit App can be seen here.
We wish everyone well during this unsettling time.
Nasir Ahmed & Ifty Ahmed (Co-founders)
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Disclaimer: Healthbit cannot provide individual medical advice or guidance.