We’re delighted to announce that our partner app for Pancreatic Cancer Action is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play.
The app provides pancreatic cancer patients and their carers (friends and family) with a way to record and track important information about their condition. It also helps them manage their daily routines so they can stay on top of their health management. Powerful insights are presented back to users so that they can compare how others are also managing their condition – which medicines are deemed effective, symptoms and their severity; medicines can also be compared side-by-side based on user feedback.
In the UK, almost 10,000 people are newly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year.  Worldwide there are around 338,000 new cases each year, in Europe that figure is more than 104,000. Pancreatic cancer affects men and women equally with incidence increasing from the age of 45. (Source: Pancreatic Cancer Action).
Pancreatic Cancer Action is the only UK charity that specifically focuses on improving pancreatic cancer survival rates through early diagnosis.
Our project with Pancreatic Cancer Action is one of many planned projects with patient organisations that are seeking tools to support the people that they represent and support.
If you’re a patient charity or research organisation that would like to find out how you can get involved, please get in touch.
The new app has many useful tools, including;
– Symptom tracker;
Record the changing severity of all your symptoms
– Appointment diary;
Don’t miss an appointment again by recording all the details.
– Personal health record;
Automatically display your medical information in a concise format to help you
recall information when speaking to different doctors.
– Share your health record;
If you want to easily share information and progress with different doctors or
people, you can invite them to view a snapshot of your information. You control
what they see and for how long. You can also invite carers to help you keep your information up-to-date.
– Track your health and set goals;
To help you manage your lifestyle, so that you ensure you get enough exercise,
rest, eat properly, etc. there are 100s of trackers you can use.
– Condition insights;
An overview of treatments that others with your condition have undertaken,
along with how well they have rated their effectiveness.
– Information resources;
A range of useful verified information resources from the charity and other online sources.
Useful links:
Download iOS App
Download Android App
Pancreatic Cancer Action website